Wellness Talks for Health Coaches – May 2022

Let me guess…

You’ve studied health and nutrition.

You know your stuff, and you want to get clients so you can help them experience change… while making a healthy living.

There’s just one thing missing…

You don’t know how or where to find potential clients.

In the meantime, you’re spinning your wheels and spending time on tasks that don’t ever seem to get you anywhere.

All that spinning has left you with an empty calendar and leaves you doubting your abilities to get clients or make money.

It’s no wonder.

There are so many voices out there preaching about the latest and greatest way to get clients.

This over abundance of strategies leaves you feeling like you’re chasing after the wind.

If you want to create predictable income and grow your coaching business…

You don’t need a blog, a launch, complicated marketing, or Facebook ads.

What you do need is…

The ONE strategy that continues to be the quickest & most effective way to get clients!

It’s the strategy that doesn’t require any tech or a budget.

And it’s also the strategy that lets you rapidly grow or build your business without all the worry.

Giving Wellness Talks Is Your Fast-Track Strategy To Fill Your Calendar With Clients You Love…

Giving wellness talks both in person, online and in small chunks on Instagram and Facebook stories and livestreams is the fast track to getting booked with clients.

We’ve seen it time and time again with our clients who are giving wellness talks.

Eila Just Booked 5 Consults from Her First Health Talk!


Kristen booked 5 online talks in 2 weeks!


But even better than that, it’s the fast track to letting go of the worry and fear about where your next client and next paycheck is coming from.

Here’s why. If you’re not consistently getting private coaching clients and selling your group programs, it’s because you need an audience… an audience of ideal clients.

Giving wellness talks, both locally and online will give you that audience!

Speaking is still the #1 way to get clients

Women-Taking-NotesGiving wellness talks in person and online is the fastest, lowest cost way to build your business.

Whether you’re a new coach or you’ve been in business for a while – this is the strategy that you can count on every timeif done the right way… to bring you new clients and program participants.

In fact, it’s what EVERY successful coach has used and still uses to bring in clients consistently.

Giving talks is more effective and a better use of your time than trying to build a funnel, advertising on social media, blogging, or even email marketing.

This strategy works if you don’t have a list and are looking to quickly generate interest in your programs.

This strategy also works if you have been in business for awhile and are looking to take it to the next level.

You can use this strategy if you have an online business or one that’s primarily in-person.

Give talks that leave people lining up to work with you, no matter what’s going on in the world!

Let’s face it, the world is going to be a changing place.

And right now you have an incredible opportunity to start bridging the gap, building community and being of service in a whole new way.

But you might feel overwhelmed by some of the details of giving talks like writing the content, and knowing how to get people to show up.

Or, maybe you’re looking to get back into giving live talks but don’t know how to do it given the current shifts in life and business.

Or maybe you’ve been giving wellness talks online but aren’t getting any clients from them…

I know how defeating this feels because I’ve been there.

There’s nothing worse than putting hours into writing a talk, spending money on designing flyers, and putting energy into getting people to attend your talk to be left feeling like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting any closer to booking new clients.

When I was a health coach, I wasted a lot of time and energy giving talks that didn’t get me the results I hoped for.

If you’ve done speaking – whether that’s in-person or online talks, and you’re just not getting the results you’d like from them, it’s likely because you don’t have the blueprint for getting clients from your talks.

And if you haven’t done any speaking – you’ll want to have the most up-to-date wellness talks that include everything you need to confidently and consistently give talks that get clients to work with you.

I’ve been in the health and wellness industry since 2006, helping health coaches build their businesses and fill their calendars with clients. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I perfected a system for giving wellness talks.

I’ve helped hundreds of coaches build their lists and enroll more people in their programs. My system for giving wellness talks works because I’ve built each talk with everything you need to be successful with them.

These are the wellness talks I wish I had when I started my health coaching business.

“I just used the Done-for-You Energy Talk and got 4 consults booked! I’ve never had results like this.”

– Lisa Blakeney


“The talks are amazing! So easy and fluid! Definitely life-savers!”

After looking at my old talks and comparing them to Amy’s, I now know what I’ve been doing wrong all these years. I provided too much information and had a hard time transitioning from talk content to promoting my offer.

Amy’s talk helped me realize how and what I need to do differently.

– Gianna Cerrat


The Client-Getting Done-for-You Wellness Talk…
Packed with everything you need to give talks that get you clients…

Tap into your most powerful marketing tool

Giving talks is your most powerful marketing tool, but it only works if done the right way.

Worried about getting it right?

Don’t worry. This is why I created this Done-For-You Wellness Talk.

I am handing you everything you need (and even some things you don’t yet know you need to feel confident, safe and ready).

This Done-for-You Wellness Talk is DRASTICALLY different than the other wellness talks out there.

Here’s why….

This talk has been specifically designed to lead your audience to want to work with you.

Most other wellness talks just give you information to present and may have a short pitch at the end.

This Done-for-You Wellness Talk is carefully crafted to give you great content while using a proven structure and language that naturally gets your audience excited to work with you – without you feeling pushy or salesy.

And you’ll be guided to know exactly where you can be giving talks right now with the most updated guidance on how to get your wellness talks booked.

Imagine having the right talk, custom designed for your business, along with the right marketing tools, and the latest guidance to consistently get you clients in your health coaching business!

Imagine not having to wake up and worry where your next clients and paycheck are coming from.

Imagine letting go of the painfully slow growth of your business and being able to quickly build up raving fans that love to refer people to you!

This is your way to give talks… where you’re basically guaranteed to get clients… every time!

This talk will set you up to do just that, so you can’t get it wrong.

And for those of you who know me, you know I’m not one to exaggerate or hype.

I say this because I’ve seen what can happen for coaches who use these tools.

They’re using this wellness talk to get as many speaking gigs as they want both locally and online and getting clients every time they speak.

Not to mention that you can repurpose the content in the wellness talk for your stories and livestreams on Instagram and Facebook. Using the goodies inside our wellness talk works to get you clients there too!

I know that’s what you want, and I want that for you!


“6 months after starting my health coaching practice, I had 21 clients!”

As a new health coach, establishing an online presence stressed me out, but making myself known in-person felt natural to me.

I’ve used speaking as the main method for getting clients and getting the word out about what I do.

I started giving talks at my church, where I’m very involved.

As word as spread, I’ve been asked to give talks at other groups and venues, and I’ve gotten clients from every talk!

– Jennifer Ragazzo


“I brought in $8,601 in revenue from my very first time using this great product.”

IMG_1170-Edit-(1)Amy hit the ball out of the park again!!

I knew a free online talk would be the perfect tool to invite potential clients to my new program. After taking a look at Amy’s Done-for-You Wellness Talks I knew it was for me. It had EVERYTHING I needed PLUS several tools I didn’t even know were necessary for a kick butt launch.

Each tool is easy to customize and beautifully produced. The marketing copy is PERFECT and, most importantly, the confidence of having an amazing professional system was my guarantee to create a big impact and win my audience.

I had 50 people register for the talk – not bad for my very first one! And it wasn’t a surprise that I rocked the talk, achieving a 40% conversion rate and bringing in $3,817 in revenue with my first online detox.

The Done-for-You Talk brought solid leads to my list – some of whom joined my next detox program and my premium 9 week program, bringing in an additional $4,784 in revenue.

That’s a total of $8,601 in revenue from my very first time using this great product.

Amy’s Done-for-You Wellness Talks are must have in any Health Coach’s library. No more second guessing myself, this is a solid customizable product that I will use over and over again.

– Mari Carmen Pizarro

When it comes to giving talks, you may have all kinds of questions racing around your head like…

  • How can I book talks and get people to show up in this time of gradual re-opening?
  • How much information should I include in my talk?
  • What order should I present the information?
  • How do I make an offer at the end of the talk without feeling salesy?

Not to mention having time for all of the writing that needs to be done.

Don’t worry, the Done-for-You Wellness Talk takes all the guesswork out of the process and make it quick and easy for you to start getting a consistent flow of clients in from your talks.

Expert Written & Designed Talk…
(for a Fraction of the Price)

I know the value of a professionally written and designed talk, because in my own business I’ve hired an expert in talk writing, Alysa Rushton, to help me with my own talks.

She’s my go-to mentor for everything related to speaking…

Alysa is actually a former health coach who’s also a master certified public speaking trainer. She’s written thousands of talks and has worked with many health coaches to help them design client getting talks.

Over the years Alysa has shared with me the amazing results her clients are experiencing….who came to her making zero dollars.. and through working with her to design a client-getting talk, they have consistent 5-10K months and often much more.

Alysa is a high end coach and I know that not all coaches have the means to invest in having her to design their talks.

… So when I started creating this offering, I reached out to Alysa and hired her to co-create and design this client-getting talk for you! Because I know what is going to happen for you when you use this talk.

Plus she’s been out there in 2021 giving in-person talks in her local area. You’re going to get our expert guidance and tips on booking and getting your wellness talks promoted during this time of gradual reopening.

How does the
Done-For-You Wellness Talk work?

Step 1: Professionally Designed Client-Getting Talk

We’re giving you a talk that is packed with great content and has been specifically designed and written to get you clients and fill your programs.

Energy Talk

Do your ideal clients struggle with low energy and fatigue? If so, this talk is a great fit for you.

This talk is titled, “6 Little Known Culprits That Are Keeping You Exhausted…and the Fastest Ways You Can Increase Your Energy For Good.”

This talk can be used as-is, or you can tweak it to fit your niche and speaking style.

Plus you can repurpose the content into mini talks that you can give in stories or livestreams on Facebook and Instagram.

Inside this talk, you’ll receive..

  • Pre-Written Scripts so you’ll know exactly what to say (talks are about 60 minutes – edit to be shorter or longer)
  • Professionally Designed Slides (73 slides) that also make for great handouts for your audience.
  • 4 versions of the talk – so you have a plug-n-play format you can use when making a private coaching offer, a cleanse or detox offer, and different versions for a local talk and an online talk.
  • Facilitator’s notes with tips to deliver your talk with ease

Step 2: How & Where to Get Booked

We’re giving you what you need to get booked at the right places!

  • Dream 50 List of Local & Online Businesses, Organizations & Partners That Are The Most Lucrative Hosts for Talks
  • Free promotion process to get your talk promoted and visible to more people more of the time
  • Nail Your Pitch Plug and Play Templates That Get You Booked
  • Follow-up Email Templates – so you know exactly how to reach out when you haven’t heard back from a potential venue

Plus a SPECIAL BONUS of an in-depth video course “The Getting Booked System” from Alysa Rushton, Get Clients With Speaking Coach.

Inside this bonus, Alysa shares her years of expertise as you discover…

  • The exact system that will keep your calendar filled with productive speaking opportunities.
  • How to reach out to the right person that can book you for speaking opportunities.
  • Exactly what to say or what to write in order to get the gig.
  • And, exactly what to do once you get the gig so that your talk will be a success!

Step 3: Professional Marketing Materials

We’re giving you what you need to compel people to show up for your talks!

  • 4 Pre-Written Promotional Emails
  • Pre-Written Reminder Emails
  • Welcome Email Template for Registrants
  • Customizable Flyer for Local Promotion
  • Pre-Written Newsletter Article/Blog Post
  • Pre-Written Registration/Landing Page
  • Webinar Service Recommendations
  • Detailed Marketing Timeline

Step 4: Marketing & Email Follow-up Process

We’re giving you what you need to land you clients on the spot, and keep the clients flowing after your talk is over!

  • Pre-Written Closing Sequence (scripts & slides) with the exact words to say to make your offer at the end of the talk.
  • Pre-written scripts for promoting both a group program and private coaching.
  • Enrollment Form that you allows you to easily capture each person’s information and also offer them a way to sign up for a strategy session or a group program on the spot.
  • Done-for-You Client-Getting Post-Event Email Campaign (with your offer)


“It gave me confidence to do a talk because I knew I had all the components to succeed.”

– Susan Paquin

This Wellness Talk is flexible!

With this offering, you’ll get 4 versions of the talk.

We’ve made you 4 versions of the talk. That means that you’ll have a special talk for making a private coaching offer, and a slightly different version for when you offer a group program and a different versions for a local talk vs giving an online talk.

I’m giving you these 4 versions for each talk you purchase because there are crucial differences in the order and flow based on the offer you’re making AND whether you’re giving a local talk or online talk.

One of the big mistakes coaches often make when giving talks is using the same format regardless of the type of talk they’re giving, and I don’t want that to happen to you!

Each of the versions are plug n play – so you can be ready to give a talk quickly!

You can use it to promote private coaching.

Or you can use it to promote a group program.

And you can also use it for local in-person talks.

And for online talks, IG & Facebook stories and livestreams…

You get 4 versions of the talk

Energy Talk

What’s really cool is that you can use the private coaching version of the talk all year long to sign on private coaching clients. And then, the few times a year you offer a group program, you can use the group program version of the talk to fill your programs.

“I used the talks to enroll people into the Ready-to-Launch Cleanse/Detox I purchased from Amy. The talks are really well laid out.”

– Leah Gillis


“Giving talks using the Done-for-Your Wellness Talks allowed me to sign up 5 new clients for a total of $7,500!”

– Sam Bell

How would it feel to have a guaranteed way to get clients…anytime you want (or need) them?

Imagine what could happen if you were able to get out there and line up speaking gigs that drew a crowd of ideal clients and by the end of the talk they were lining up to work with you.

You would have more people in your group programs, you’d fill your private coaching spots.

You’d start a wait list and even have to raise your rates – like many of our clients. You would be able to do more of the work you love while making great money. That’s what I want for you.

From the promotion of your talk, to delivering the speaking content, and then the rush of seeing your first sale come through, you can rest easy knowing that all the work has already been done and ready for you to implement in your business.

This Done-for-You Wellness Talk is going to help you not only enroll more clients and program participants, but it will allow you to focus your time on coaching rather than marketing. You have an important message to share about how our food, health, and mindset can transform our lives. I can’t wait to help you get your message out there.


“When I followed Amy’s recommendations, I found myself with as many speaking gigs as I desired for the month.”

Each presentation has either landed me with clients or connections that have impacted the success of my business.

– Shana Hogg

What would you normally have to pay for all of this in time and money?

If you were to try to do all of this yourself it would take you several months, and it would be difficult to put it together in a way that would naturally get you clients.

What would it cost to hire us to create this custom work for you?

Professionally Designed Slides $1,525
Pre-Written Script $750
Email Marketing Kit $857
Promotion Kit $797
List Building Opt-in Gift $197
Bonus Getting Booked System $247
Ongoing Support $297
Tech Tutorials $97




You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses…

List Building Opt-in Gift

(Value $97)

With this bonus you’ll receive a bonus opt-in gift customized for each talk.

You can use this gift to grow your list and offer it as a bonus gift for live attendees – to entice them to show up live.

Pre-Written Social Media Promotion Kit

(Value $297)

My team and I’ve created a social media promotion kit that will make it very easy for you to promote your local and online talks!

  • Social media posts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Graphics to use with the posts – sized for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram
  • Guide on when (and how often) to post for maximum impact
  • Instagram & Facebook Story Prompts to fill your talks

Tech Tutorials

(Value $97)

I know that technology can sometimes feel confusing.

I don’t want anything to stand in your way of getting out there and giving talks.

That’s why I’m including detailed step-by-step instructions on how to setup your online talk landing page and how to setup your promotional, reminder, & welcome emails.

Ongoing Support

(Value $297)

I know that having guidance and a sounding board is vital to your success. That’s why I’m including ongoing support from me via a Private Facebook Group.

Support starts as soon as you sign up. I’m on the Facebook group checking it daily Monday through Friday, personally answering your questions.

Sign me up

Get a Peek Inside All That You Get With The Done-for-You Wellness Talk!


Success Stories

“Just did my first online talk today and 52 people signed up!”

mitraThanks Amy Lippmann for the great material. SO excited to do online talks more often from now on.

Mitra Sh

“Amy has done all of the work for you.”

Donna-NeibchAll of the work has been done for you. If you have ever tried to research information as well as find graphics for your information, you know it takes a great deal of time.

The program includes editable scripts and customizable Google slides. Not only is this a great talk to use as-is, but it also serves as an outline for additional talks on different topics.

Amy has done all of the work for you. I would highly recommend this program. It’s certainly worth the investment for your health coaching business.

Donna Neibch

“If you are interested in doing your first talk, either online or in person, Amy gives you everything you need to get you started through to the end.”

Caitlin-Russell-email-sigI have a small list and wanted to use an online talk to further grow my list. Through promoting my online talk using Amy’s suggestions, about half of the people who signed up for the talk were new to my list. I was thrilled!

This offering is perfect! I felt like my hand was held the entire time and I always knew what to do next.

Caitlin Russell

“The tools you need to confidently begin broadening your reach through speaking.”

diana-rabin1Marketing for Health Coaches’s Done-For-You Wellness Talks provide you the tools you need to confidently begin broadening your reach through speaking.

The talks offers a professional presentation and a pre-written talk that is both well researched and carefully structured to guide listeners toward taking the next step of enrolling in a program.

It takes away the pressure of coming up with your own presentation and allows you to focus on the task of finding places to share your talk.

Diana Rabin

“Amy helped me create a compelling online talk that added 700 people to my list in 2 weeks, and in 6 months has added 1,500 people to my list.”

Amy MedlingI worked with Amy on the launch of my first virtual program launch.

When I came to Amy, I had built a very strong following on social media and knew there was interest in subject matter, but I did not know how to promote the offering effectively.

During my strategy work with Amy, she was able to map out each piece of the puzzle of my launch. Not only that, but she helped me create a compelling online talk that added 700 people to my list in 2 weeks, and in 6 months has added 1,500 people to my list.

Amy and her team skillfully tweaked my sales page copy and wrote the entire sequence of emails that went out to promote the free call and the program. Not only was that a huge time saver for me, but I also loved the copy. Amy and her team were able to write in my voice (which is not very salesy) and hone in on the benefits of my offering in way that was very client attractive.

My first launch was a huge success with over 70 women enrolled! For my first program, I was thrilled. The best part is that when I launched the program again, and enrolled 100 women, I had everything created!

Amy Medling

“If you are wanting to take your coaching practice to the next level, I can’t think of anyone better than Amy to help you get there!”

angelinawebpic_cc-200x300I started working with Amy because I knew I wanted someone who could help me take my business to next level. When I am launching new programs I often get stuck when it comes to writing. When I realized I could hand-off copy writing to Amy, it was a huge relief! Without her help, some of my launches simply wouldn’t have happened. Amy and her team have written the entire sequence of emails to promote a free online talk, program launch, and done-for-you emails that my Joint Venture partners used to promote my program. I was delighted and amazed at how quickly Amy turned the projects around (with little direction) and at the quality of the writing.

Amy is very detail oriented and a great project manager (gently letting me know when she needs things from me in order to move the process along). Amy is smart and savvy when it comes to offline and online marketing strategies. Being able to bounce ideas off her and strategize together is priceless. If you are wanting to take your coaching practice to the next level, I can’t think of anyone better than Amy to help you get there!

Angelina DeWeese

“In just one month, I went from having 5 people in my ‘21 Days To Love’ webinar series to having 18 — more than tripling my income!”

robyn-vogelIf you want to upgrade from a hobby to a real professional business, hire Amy! She helped me turn my business around in its look and feel (on the internet) along with providing me with turnkey templates and scripts for my teleclasses. In just one month, I went from having 5 people in my “21 Days To Love” webinar series to having 18 — more than tripling my income!

Robyn Vogel

“Amy and her team helped me seamlessly launch my first online talk, adding over 2,000 people to my list.”

H_shot-TaliAmy and her team helped me seamlessly launch my first online talk, adding over 2,000 people to my list. They were incredibly organized and put together a step-by-step plan that eliminated all the stress and questions of what to do when.

Amy’s team is able to handle a wide variety of tasks, from graphic design, web design, and administrative support. They created a beautiful banner and a very professional registration page that elevated my brand. They were very flexible in taking guidance and changes from me along the way and participated as partners, offering suggestions to take my work to a new level of excellence. They are very responsive, quick with turnaround, and are simply a joy to work with.

Tali Field Berman

We have held nothing back in creating this offering for you. We want you to be blown away, and we’re giving you everything you need to pull off a successful talk. When you purchase the Done-for-You Wellness Talk, you have 7 days to check out all the pieces that are instantly available to you on our member page. If within 7 days of making your purchase you find it’s not a good fit, email us here explaining why you weren’t completely satisfied by the program and we will refund your purchase.


Ready to get started?


OK, I’m interested. How does this work?

Immediately after signing up for the Done-for-You Talk, you’ll get access to a private page where you will access all of the materials. You’ll also receive an invitation to the Private Facebook Group, where you’ll receive my personal support. Rest assured, we make it very simple for you to implement.



What Others Are Saying About


marlyn-blog“Amy and her team walked me through every step of the process and I felt completely taken care of. The detox or cleanse was a huge success. I have offered it three times, and over 350 people have participated with amazing results.”

Marlyn Diaz

j_meister-217x300“I filled the program (with clients I adore), making over $14,000, and I have a waitlist for my next program.”

Jen Meister

Headshot_Carey_Peters-228x300“What stands out about Amy is how she brings together her deep knowledge of the health coaching field, online marketing, copywriting, and product launch skills and experience.”

Carey Peters

staceyheadshot“I recommend Amy to my top clients, because she understands best-practices when it comes to online marketing, copywriting, and running a coaching business.”

Stacey Morgenstern

andrea-nakayama“Hiring Amy Lippmann was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. She’s helped me to launch more than one project off the ground in break-neck speed, tending to details that I likely would have overlooked.”

Andrea Nakayama

headshotVIP-copy“I had my first 5 figure month after launching a new program with Amy’s help.”

Suzie Carpenter

Ready to get started?


I want to make sure you have all the information you need to determine if this solution is right for you. If you have any questions, please email us here.

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Which talk would you like?

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Which talk would you like?

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Which talk would you like?

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Which talk would you like?

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Which talk would you like?

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Which talk would you like?

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Which talk would you like?

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